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    [SDK] Get playback device fail

    Hi there,

    I am using the teamSpeak SDK on a C++/QT application.
    I thinks, I successfully integrate the DLL and everything needed to use TeamSpeak SDK.
    My client application successfully connects to the teamSpeak server (the basic server from the example folder).
    BUT I didn't succeeded to get playback and capture device!!!
    The ts3client function (ts3client_getCurrentPlaybackDeviceName, ts3client_getCaptureDeviceList...) return error 2321 (from function_error.h)

    Ts3 SDK didn't found any audio input/output device...and I have absolutely no idea how I could fix it.

    When I execute (in another application) the C client example, it works. But when I use a similar code on my C++/QT application it doesn’t.

    If someone have any suggestion...

    <Dev information>
    i am using QT creator,
    msvc2015 32bit
    compiling with Microsoft visual C++ compiler 15.0 (x86)
    on Windows 10

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    Did you include the soundbackends folder in your applications root directory?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Did you include the soundbackends folder in your applications root directory?
    Yes, but Something seems to be going wrong:

    Name:  TeamSpeak_ERROR.png
Views: 1846
Size:  17.5 KB

    I don't understand if QT didn't found directsound_win32.dll and windowsaudiosession_win32.dll.
    Or the DLL didn't work...

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    Okay! i finally found a solution.

    ts3client_initClientLib(&_funcs, NULL, LogType_FILE | LogType_CONSOLE | LogType_USERLOGGING,"", _path);

    the last argument (_path)==> must not be empty but point on current directory and not into the folder soundbackend folder

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