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    ts3plugin_infoData: global refresh / or display global data somehow


    I'd like to display the same data with "ts3plugin_infoData()" for every channel/client/whatever, but the thing is, i have to update it frequently.

    If i want to do this it seems that i have to call requestInfoUpdate:

    ts3Functions.requestInfoUpdate(Global::connection, PluginItemType::PLUGIN_CLIENT, ???);
    ts3Functions.requestInfoUpdate(Global::connection, PluginItemType::PLUGIN_CHANNEL, ???);
    ts3Functions.requestInfoUpdate(Global::connection, PluginItemType::PLUGIN_SERVER, ???);

    But the thing is, i have to know which item is highlighted by the user, so i can call its corresponding update function. Is there some good way to do this?

    OR is there some way to display non-selection specific data with a plugin, that i can update frequently?

    Kind regards,

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    Okay, nevermind, i think i found a workaround... i store the last parameters ts3plugin_infoData(), and call requestInfoUpdate() with that.

    Kind regards,

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