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Thread: High Ping

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    High Ping

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	17888 Hello all new user in your community and i want to ask some thinks because i dont know have to fix this problem!my internet connection is 100mb down 10up i will post also images!many times i have ping and i cannot explain that compare with my friends that we are playing together!for example is playing from same city (athens) and he have 20ms in teamspeak!me in same city 80-120ms and i dont know the reason!my internet is very good to download also to upload!anyone can help me pls?because some times my friends they said to me that i,m a robot!i will also upload pictures to see exactly the results!also i,m using the modem router from provider that its locked in same options and i cant do almost nothing!anyone can help me pls???

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    Teamspeak would typically be unable to do anything about this as it's your ISP that is control of the network route.
    Depending on how compentent the support team are for your ISP, they might be able to help sort that out.

    A few months ago, we had a handful of major ISPs have all their traffic to Sydney (Australia) being routed through America. No one could explain it, but they fixed all it the next day

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