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I've notice new TS5 features been added to server version 3.7 and 3.8.
For a development point of view this is a very bad idea.
Let v3 continue getting updates without meshing of features with v5.
And v5 development should be on it's own branch.
Once TS5 is out, release a new server v5 with all the new features.
I'm keeping my server on v3.6 until you guys sort this out.
Wouldn't make any sense. Since both clients are going to operate on the same server systems, and a active beta test within reach (given to 100 random users), it makes sense that these users, and anyone else that would be in the programme down the line to be able to connect with stable versions of the server application, otherwise the beta test is next to useless due to dramatically low support rates.

No one cares if you don't update, that's on you