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    TS and music streaming

    Hello everyone,,
    so I kinda have a weird problem. I want to Livestream on Twitch and on the same time I want to stream my music I play in Native Instruments TraktorPro 2 to Teamspeak. So basically I need a way to handle Traktor Output for my livestream audience in twitch and the same time for my audience on teamspeak. If I can use a microphone, that would be even greater, if not thats fine too. I cant use more than one identity, cause I am playing on a Roleplay Server and want to play a Deejay

    I own a Hercules DJ Console RMX and a Xonar U7 Soundcard if that helps.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Look into audio splitting/merging programs that create virtual sound devices for more advanced blending and controls than TS or most base sound drivers support.

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