Hey Teamspeak! I was having problems using the sound pack that reads out phonetic names. I wanted to make it so if phonetically read out the names in a male voice. I'm on mac, so that may cause concern, but I went into the Teamspeak Client folder and all the way to sounds. I had 4 folders: default, default_male, default_speech, and nosounds. I went into default_speech to see if I could adjust the sound file names, but no luck. I also tried deleting the default women voice folder, seeing as the entries to default_speech were text based, and not audio based. If the entries in the folder were audio based, I could easily replace them with a few adaptations. Sadly, they're not. I've also tried cmd+f and replacing default with default_male, but it still doesn't work. If anyone is wondering, the text document I'm editing is called settings.ini . All I want to know is if there is a version of what I'm looking for out on the web, or if I'm just bad at editing code. Thanks!