Firstly, allow me to apologise for this well trodden and often refused topic, but new information has come to light that makes me feel like this issue should be raised again.

Accurate at the time of this post, about seven hours ago, Discord unveiled 384Kbps audio quality. Obviously this is behind a paywall and is aimed at music listening, but I was wondering what the wizards at Teamspeak will do to answer. The link as evidence to my claim, is here
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The following is some background information about me and my personal use-case, please disregard as you see fit.
Personally I use Teamspeak for its audio quality. I have some specialisation in audio and it allows me to easily tell what platform I am using simply by the quality of the audio of the people speaking. When I edit audio I generally work at studio levels far beyond the capability of most voice software not specifically designed to use the bandwidth. I choose Teamspeak because it is the best (bar none) in clarity outside of professional recording software like SourceConnect (which uses/used the Opus codec). While it is true that most people would need the ears of a canine to tell the difference between 96kbps and 320kbps for voice, it is quite possible to hear it in music.

While I'm not going to abandon my much loved personal Teamspeak server, I do not see the point of restricting bandwidth, especially when the default is already set at "2.71KiB/s" (level 6), and also must be customised manually to increase quality.
Also, my server is in need of an update because it is running version 3.4.0 and where my knowledge of Teamspeak is based, so this may have already been addressed in an update I have not done yet. If this is the case, please delete this thread.

I would truly love a slight boost in bitrate Perhaps a purchasable version of the server software with these limitations uncapped? Teamspeak Pro/Ultra/Plus perhaps?
While my knowledge of audio is reasonable, my knowledge of Teamspeak is best described as, pathetic, so please be a little kind in your responses