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    Discourse <->TeamSpeak Usergroups Sync

    Hello together

    I知 currently working on a synchronization service between Discourse and TeamSpeak to sync user groups from Discourse to TeamSpeak 3.
    This service is already working and I知 tweaking it at the moment. First-time preparation takes about 20 minutes for you.
    Technically seen this is a Node.Js server using a server query library.

    Link to the Repo:

    I知 open to your feedback.

    Thank you.

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    for what is "better-sqlite" needed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerefGG View Post
    for what is "better-sqlite" needed?
    I need a database client to connect to a small local database which contains the pivot table to sync up both servers.
    At the moment I'm thinking about replacing better-sqlite with something which has less requirements than the current client.

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