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    Can i use 1 teamspeak account by 2 different clients

    What i am trying to do is

    Join TS Server with my Computer, and My phone at the same time.

    And talk in the same room by one account from both devices

    Hope my Question is clear sorry for my bad English.

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    Yeah, you can export your profile on the teamspeak desktop client, and send it to your phone, it will let you import profiles from the profile management screen.

    Then any server you connect to, they have a limit of how many times the same ClientID can be connected at once, a guest can only have one, but I think Normal members have 2 additional connections. This is i_client_max_clones_uid in the server groups permission

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    The easiest way to get the stuff to another client is to use the synchronization feature from myTeamSpeak. That way you will have bookmarks and identities on all devices.

    The ClientID is not related here. The same CLID never can exist more than once.
    You mean the ClientUID (or ClientDBID).
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