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    Query flood problem

    i have problem on my teamspeak3 server with query users flood.
    Someone attack my teamspeak server with botnet and connect guest query users (about 400 connection per minute) than server start lagging and after some time all real players dropped from server.
    That query users lost connection but instantly new combo of query users connect with new IP adress.
    It's possible to limit query users or what need to do to protect against this !?

    Thanks and best regards!
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    You have several options here to reduce or get rid of that spam:

    • Change the flood settings for your server instance. Default allows 10 commands withing 3 seconds.
      serverinstance_serverquery_flood_commands 10
      serverinstance_serverquery_flood_time 3
      serverinstance_serverquery_ban_time 600
    • Disallow Query guest group to select your server b_virtualserver_select
    • Disable RAW and only allow SSH connection to the Query interface
    • Change the port for the ServerQuery
    • Via firewall: Only allow local connections to the Query Port.
    • Via firewall: Reduce how often same IP can connect to your machine
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Disallow Query guest group to select your server b_virtualserver_select
    Unless I'm mistaken, this will basically block any non-global query users.

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