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    [RELEASE] A Visual Studio Minimal Template for TS3 Plugin Projects

    Attached is a simplistic TS3 plugin project template for C++.
    I used the logo from the media pack from TS, I hope thats ok.

    Don't expect too much customizations, its just something I quickly threw together for myself.
    If you find issues in the template, please tell me.

    Just move the whole zip file (without extracting) into your Visual Studio template folder.
    This folder is usually located at:
    ...\Documents\Visual Studio <version>\Templates\ProjectTemplates

    You should now be able to create a project from the template by searching "TS3" in the Create Project dialog.
    Just make sure you have all filters disabled when searching for "TS3", otherwise it will not find it.

    Fixed a crash when trying to display the template (Who would have guessed VS19 can't display a 10000x8000 image...)
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