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    TS lags while in game

    After an update I installed a few months ago (the one with myteamspeak)I started having this weird issue on ts.
    While I play League of Legends (I don't know about other games), the ping shown on the bottom right corner of TS goes crazy high (around 2k) but ping in game and on pingtest is completely fine.
    I can play without any lag but I can't hear anything people say during the game, and TS even crashed a few times.

    Things I already tried:
    -updating network drivers.
    -changing my headset
    -removing every ts plug in and changing a few options

    I have no idea what causes this, I'm going crazy. I can post my log after I get home if it helps.

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    Same problem.

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    Same here.

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    You just pushed a two year old topic. Would have been better to open a new one.^^
    What did you tried to fix it so far?

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