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    Created a group I can't remove anymore

    Hello. Some time ago, when sqrverquery existed, I created a group with Needed remove power 101 and Remove Power 100. When query was available, this was not a problem. However, now, I can't remove any user from this group, as I don't have enough power for that. How to remove users from the group, or give myself power of 101, to modify it?

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    I can only shake my head when i read this.... This is why we do not want people to be the Überadmin.

    Change the value of the permission.

    And if you can not do it because you do not have permissions you have to login into the ServerQuery with the serveradmin account and there you change the values of both permissions back to a supported one like 75 and then you remove the group.
    servergroupaddperm sgid=xxxxx permsid=i_group_member_remove_power permvalue=75 permnegated=0 permskip=0
    servergroupaddperm sgid=xxxxx permsid=i_group_needed_member_remove_power permvalue=75 permnegated=0 permskip=0
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