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    TS3 server in LAN and hosts file

    Hi. I have two TS3 servers at home. One runs on Qnap for personal use and second on local linux server for testig purposes.
    For both servers I have forwarded different ports to allow connecting.
    But I want to connect to them via simmilar domain names both from inside and outside of the LAN network.
    I created two subdomains:
    As you can seee, the only difference is Subdomain. Main domain is the same. To not create problems, I did not create SRV records for _ts3._udp and _tsdns._tcp

    It works well from WAN.

    But, to use the same bookmarks for my local and remote location, I did add a record in the local hosts like this:

    And... end up wit errors.

    Trying to resolve hostname
    Trying to connect to server on
    Failed to connect to server

    Client log shows no details:

    17/06/2019 15:15:40 ClientUI Info Connect status: Connecting
    17/06/2019 15:15:45 ClientUI Info Connect status: Disconnected
    17/06/2019 15:15:45 ClientUI Info Failed to connect to server, want autoreconnect = 0

    Before connecting to any server, the TeamSpeak 3 Client will try to resolve the IP address of the server in the following order:

    1) _ts3 SRV record - NOT EXIST

    2) _tsdns SRV record - NOT EXIST


    4) DNS (changed via local hosts name)

    Can you advise how to make it works from LAN?
    I have no idea where i make the mistake.

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    Any versions newer than do not respect hosts and also do not respect computer names, the latter because you can't distinquish between computer names and server nicknames.

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    Any versions newer than do not respect hosts and also do not respect computer names,
    Thanks. It helps. I just moved hosts to another level (outside windows)

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