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    Quote Originally Posted by pablo1 View Post
    Since the last update (3.3.0-1, installed via official arch linux repos) the TS3 client crashes on incoming sound.

    Same problem here. It crashes instantly after connecting to a server.
    OS: Linux Manjaro
    CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 645

    I tried both distro package and latest package from the TeamSpeak site. Here's last lines from terminal output:
    2019-07-27 15:27:34.180060|INFO    |PreProSpeex   |1  |Speex version: 1.2rc1
    2019-07-27 15:27:34.183715|INFO    |ClientUI      |1  |Connect status: Connecting
    2019-07-27 15:27:34.193442|DEVELOP |PktHandler    |   |Puzzle solve time: 6
    2019-07-27 15:27:34.248632|DEVELOP |Addon_Download_Manager|   |Download completed: /tmp/clientquerypluginlinuxamd64_5d2d9a738ad98.ts3_plugin Addon_Uuid:943dd816-7ef2-48d7-82b8-d60c3b9b10b3 Version: 7
    2019-07-27 15:27:34.356582|DEBUG   |PulseAudio    |   |Underflow occurred on device - 
    Breakpad crash /home/unishift/.ts3client/crashdumps/d4ae77fe-fd1f-4ad0-6547f1af-f9676b97.dmp
    Starting Error Reporter: /opt/teamspeak3/error_report
    /usr/bin/teamspeak3: line 47:  2842 Illegal instruction     (core dumped) ./ts3client_linux_amd64 -platform xcb [email protected]

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    Issue with an unicode symbol


    I have my own customized Dark theme for Teamspeak 3 and for some reason after the new QT update the ॐ symbol causes some weird black color glitch.

    Below you can see 3 imgur screenshots so that you know what you mean:

    The .tpl code for the channel name is:
    HTML Code:
        <div class="InfoFrame_Title" dir="LTR">
            <a href="channelid://%%CHANNEL_ID%%" class="TextMessage_ChannelLink">%%CHANNEL_NAME%%</a>
    		<span class="small" title="Channel ID"> (%%CHANNEL_ID%%)</span>
    Maybe I missed something here?

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