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    TS server behind a reverse proxy?


    I have successfully installed a TS3 server on a powerful dedicated server however I would like to somehow proxy all the traffic we have thru a VPS of mine which has a good bw also and pretty nice DDoS protection. Based on this article:

    I came up with the following config:

    stream {
        server {
            listen 9987 udp;
            proxy_pass ts3_stream_backend;
            proxy_timeout 1;
            proxy_responses 1;
            error_log /var/log/nginx/ts3.log;
        upstream ts3_stream_backend {
            server <origin_server_ip>:9987;
    Yet TS clients can connect to the origin IP directly but not through the proxied version. Even though nc packets arrive just fine and nmap also keeps telling that the port is open and recognizes the service: dsm-scm-target

    What I am doing wrong?

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    Try setting "proxy_responses 0;"
    This seems to resolve issues for some people.

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