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    Getting IP banned using ServerQuery interface


    We have a bot that uses the Server Query system to post messages into some rooms on our Teamspeak server. The bot opens a connection, logs in and send occasional `sendtextmessage` commands. The bots IP address is in the whitelist.

    This has been working fine for a while, but a couple of weeks ago it suddenly started getting blocked. It appears to be an IP level ban, as attempting to telnet in from the same IP address just results in a connection timeout error. The TS client will also be unable to connect if trying to use it from the same IP.

    I've tried manually telnet'ing into the server and entering some commands to see if I get any error messages. eg, connect, login, use the right vserver, enter a few whoami commands. Everything returns `error id=0 msg=ok` until suddenly the connection is lost and I am no longer able to even connect to the server for a long time (hours).

    We've tried rewriting the bot so it sends fewer commands and tries to rate limit itself more. We've tried increasing the antiflood settings to...
    serveredit virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ip_block=750
    serveredit virtualserver_antiflood_points_tick_reduce=20
    serveredit virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block=300
    But this had no affect.

    The server admin does not think anything has changed (ie, no updates etc).

    Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what might be causing the bans and what server settings to check. The bot does not send a lot of messages into the text chat (maybe 10 an hour under normal conditions)

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    Not sure rn but since you just wanted an idea (didn't check it, maybe you can find it out in the threat from a while ago) it could be affected by an update which was implementing a command maximum of - I think it was - 10 per minute or so...
    There was a discussion about it and there you can find probably the needed information.
    Maybe one of the more following people can help out like numma or dante or ScP can maybe confirm or negate my thoughts.

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