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    TC3 freezes on startup

    1) Windows 10 64bit license
    2) teamspeak 3 version 3.3.0 (was 06/18/2019 12 29 01 was) at the moment it costs 3.1.10
    3) Kaspersky license
    4) After yesterday's update, the ts began to hang. At startup, it works for 15-20 seconds then hangs, just at startup, regardless of whether it is connected to the service or not. You can close the program only through the task manager.
    5) Reinstall teamspeak. Run as administrator. We tried to install the 32bit version of teamspik. Tried to reinstall the full Windows, then on top of the new Windows set. checked the relevance of micro / speakers. I do not remember what else they did. Full reinstallation with removal of all settings, disabling of the firewall, Kaspersky, reinstallation of drivers, flame.
    6) PC, used tsom for a very long time, after the update of the TC3 is started

    The ts3client_win64.exe version program stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To find out if there is more information about the problem, check the problem log in the Security and Maintenance section of the control panel.
    Process ID: 12b0
    Startup time: 01d529f4f560fd84
    Completion time: 4294967295
    Application path: C: \ Program Files \ TeamSpeak 3 Client \ ts3client_win64.exe
    Report ID: 7ecb76a5-6761-4ba6-8b54-766550b504ca
    Failure package full name:
    Application code associated with the failed package:
    Hang type: Top level window is idle

    Container of error 1544665364138472510, type 5
    Event Name: AppHangB1
    Response: No data
    CAB ID: 0

    Signature problems:
    P1: ts3client_win64.exe
    P3: 5d08b1cf
    P4: 61a8
    P5: 67246080

    Attached files:
    \? \ C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WER \ Temp \ WERE81.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml

    These files can be found here:
    \? \ C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WER \ ReportArchive \ Critical_ts3client_win64._214671db5788c23b123a4c97 2ffe51d543875b_d815862c_705ba4f3-b34a-4286-ba1e-90c3aca44

    Analysis symbol:
    Repeat solution: 0
    Report ID: 7ecb76a5-6761-4ba6-8b54-766550b504ca
    Report Status: 268435456
    Hashed container: ae1d465674d38de7c56fc0f6f652b43e
    CAB GUID: 0

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    found, the Windows Management Toolkit blocks teamspeak. but why? and what happened with the latest update of teamspik? tell me what you think

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    Simply exclude the TS3 folder from the scans. False positives might happen, nothing to worry about.

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    how to do it? step by step please

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    If you found the security center, its just two more clicks.
    "Settings for virus and ..." or something like it and than simply check the "exclude" section or similar.
    Since I dont use an english system, I dont know they the correct names are.
    But anyways, why dont you google it?

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