Hello there,

since a few weeks and the initial update to server version 3.8.0 there is a problem with some packetloss occuring.

Server specs:
VPS, 2 cores, 4GB RAM, KVM based, Ubuntu 18.04, TS version 3.9.0

During evening times where over 50 people are on the server, some - not all people - start getting some packetloss.
(incoming loss - yet hearable up to 25%) Ping shown inside TS-Client goes up as well (e.g. 70+-20ms)
Whereas a ping via cmd shows a constant 15ms. All hops checked with WinMTR are normal.
In the same time the load average is unremarkable.

How can I debug the problem further? Could it be a load issue with the server hardware?
Why is the ping in the client so different to the actual one?
Provider offered switching server to OpenVZ, but thats no option due to NPL restrictions. Any further ideas? I'll glady appreaciate your help.

Best regards