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Thread: Upgrade to 3.8

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    Upgrade to 3.8

    I have not updated the server for a long time (installed 3.7) and when updating, I noticed that startup scripts are different.
    If you just replace the script files, my server will not start (error 203).
    What to do? It seems like a long time ago I made edits to my files in order to avoid mistakes.

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    Use the scripts from the latest version. You should use 3.9.0 and not 3.8.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrCarsonBeckett View Post
    Use the scripts from the latest version. You should use 3.9.0 and not 3.8.0.
    Thank you for your advice. while I was writing a message, update 3.9.1 became available, I performed an update with the replacement of files and everything started successfully.

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    Good one, that it's running again!

    Here you can see, which files make your server "yours". So it's always a good idea to have a backup of them, so you can easily migrate them with a standard installation, in case of an error. Especially recommended each time before you do an upgrade.

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