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    getClientID(uint64, anyID) ( c++ ) crashes teamspeak 3

    Trying to create a win10 toast plugin for teamspeak 3, and while most of the things work great, everytime i've tried to use getClientID() it causes an instant crash.

    Any ideas as to why?

    anyID *res = 0;
    if (ts3Functions.getClientID(serverConnectionHandlerI D, res) != ERROR_ok) {
    printf("No errors?\n");

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    anyID res = 0;
    if (ts3Functions.getClientID(serverConnectionHandlerID, &res) != ERROR_ok) {
    printf("No errors?\n");

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    Yeah, i figured it out aswell a while after i posted. Figured getClientID would allocate the memory for it aswell, just as the functions requiring char* do.
    Thanks tho!

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