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    I also cannot see the fake servers. I only see the normal ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by D0mm4S View Post
    I went and checked the server list with no filters (for real no filter is turned on) and when I sort them by clients I only see real servers?!
    It seems like either Teamspeak did something aggainst this one server in particular (its not serverS, it was ALL one fake server on all screenshots) or they removed it by themeselve.

    Lets see what will happen next..

    Edit: still there, remove the country then you will find them (top 7 all fake) :
    Name:  wtfts4.PNG
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    I checked when this thread was started and everytime someone posted a new screenshot here and I never saw them. And yes, my filter was completely not used (like your screenshot except that I show full servers) but I still never saw them...Idk why you seem to see them and some people like me don´t.

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    Uh no it's real

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