When I have TS on it will start off fine then the CPU usage goes up (from 6% to 30%) when I move my mouse. When this happens the sound from a game or Netflix for example will be fine until I move my mouse and then it will cut all sound out of the computer. When this happens if I wiggle my mouse it causes the computer to act like a new USB item was plugged in and goes to the audio manager. I have removed the scroll bar at the bottom, reinstalled TS, disabled the hotkey addon, reinstalled my OS entirely so far in an attempt to fix this.

I am running the following specs:
CPU: i7-770HQ CPU @ 2.80Ghz, 4 cores, 8 logical
GPU: Nividia GTX 1060

I have been trying to fix this for ages now. Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.