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    How to upgrade ts3 with mariadb

    please write me how I can update the teaamspeak to the latest version, I have a mariadb base. I only know that you need to upload the new update files to the main teamspeak folder, but what's next? Something else needs to be changed in the file? any rights on the file to read? can anyone help me? Is it possible to get help from teamspeak support for a fee? I have a license fee of 256 slots.I am a total layman.

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    Extract the new files into the server folder.
    Then from redist folder copy the into server root folder.
    Start the server as you did before.
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    Thank for help.
    The redist folder is just a file named libmariadb.dll, there is no file named What should I do?
    "but I'm stupid, I downloaded the version for windows; p" heh okey im try now ;]

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    OKey ts is work huh. I have question.
    What chmod set do what files?

    Thank you so much for your support!

    ts3server has crashed. A crashdump has been generated at "/home/xxx67/crashdumps/ts3server_3_9_1_linux_amd64_517c-f548-e84e-efdd.dmp"

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