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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Library for custom TS3 clients?

    A little suggestion:
    What if the TeamSpeak team made it public (or even released a library) how the client connects to and handles the server?
    Which packets it sends, what data is required, stuff like that.
    Basically enough for people to write a custom client.

    I can imagine that such a feature will not be used all too much, but if it is used something great will come out of it.
    The TeamSpeak modding community is quite skilled, so I'm sure soon open source clients will develop with all the clientside features the community actually wants, when they want it, ofc always with the server's capability in mind.

    This would also allow the TeamSpeak team to more focus on developing the server and allow more of such custom functionality.

    On the other side, this might cause compatibility issues. But if a custom client causes compatibility issues, it is just not going to be used, so modders will have to make it compatible with everything.

    Another issue I thought of is the lack of client support. That means that the TeamSpeak team can't help people with 3rd party client anymore, only with the own client.
    And what if all clients suddenly stopped development?

    This is just a random thought I had, but I am sure it can be perfected somehow.

    Maybe this already exists, and I just didn't find it? I don't know (if it does, please tell me!)

    How about a library for people to write custom clients, be it with or without UI?

    Please tell me your thoughts and ideas on this.

    And even if you won't release a library, why not just tell people how the client connects, what it needs to send and stuff like that, and you wont even have to do anything and the libraries will be developed by the community?
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