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    Permision ID (permid)

    Hello first I'm sorry for my language nut this is not my primary language.

    So I'm have a big problem witch is on Permission ID what I'm see is on nearly any server update is something change (messing up)any user within have any scripts to help witch maintenance server because of this messing in permid must editing all scripts my advice for people ho doing this mess if you take any old permission or give new don't touch already existing just add new one and block delete old one do anything what you can but don't change any time all is nonsense this is my advice.

    So my main question is where I'm can find permid in actual version of server I'm using now 3.9.1 and I'm cannot find actual permid...

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    The permission ID's are generated from 0 when we add or removed some. There is no way around that as long

    Why don't you use the permsid? That one never* changes.
    Or you perform command permidgetbyname or permissionlist to get the latest ID.

    *Doesn't count when permission was added or removed
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