I'm currently stuck with using server version 3.5.1 due to a weird situation.

I have been using a game platform app called Garena (Taiwan app), and it played nice with TS3 server with ZERO crashes since like 2 years ago.

Garena app TW official webpage: https://www.garena.tw/

Official direct download link: http://cdn.gxx.garenanow.com/gxx/pc/...na-v2.0-TW.exe

I keep on updating to the most current build of TS3 server (3.2 --> 3.3 -->3.4 --> 3.5.1) and still very stable.

However, when i upgrade to 3.6.0 , whenever i open or close the Garena app, the TS3 server will instant shutdown, the log 0 file will have an error of

"ERROR l ACCOUNTING l failed to register local accounting service: No such file or directory "

I can reproduce this error 100% of the time.

3.5.1 or below, ZERO issue.

3.6.0 to current build (3.9.1) all will have such issue.

Would anybody please help me....

I have tried editing the server.ini file and try to use the 3.5.1 server.ini to replace 3.9.1's default server.ini , but with no success.

Assistance appreciated.