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    Multiple devices

    Hello forum,

    I made a account on this forum due google was not able to help me.
    I have TS on my computer ,tablet and Phone there is only 1 problem.
    When I login with my account on Phone/tablet it did save all my bookmarks but for 1 server I need to enter a privilege key.
    Now my main device is my computer where this privilege key is 'installed' and i'm not able to copy paste the current privilege key to my 2 other devices.

    So basiclly its saves my servers but my server settings not.. is it because i'm doing something wrong or is this just normal?

    Kind regard,

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    Where do you copy and past it? I don't get why you can not past it in the chat as an example or via e-mail etc. to your other device.
    Why don't you use it on your computer and use sync when you are logged in already?????

    It's normal that a privilege key isn't saved/stored in client. It's no setting and is saved in the server.

    There is no reason to copy the same privilege key to other devices because a privilege key can only be used once.
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    I guess you are using prolly same settings and bookmarks on your 3 devices, but you have 3 different identities.
    At least that the only reason i can explain, why you needing a privilege key multiple times.

    Get yourself a myTeamSpeak account, sync all you data. Like drag bookmarks & identities from local to myTS. If you use any device now and sign in to a server, with that ID from your computer, you will have same ID using your phone (and same right etc. on the server)
    And if you use a key now on any device, it will transfer to all others (sinc e its the same identity)

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