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    Add IPV6 on the teamspeak server client props.

    Hello, TeamSpeak staff,

    I'm writing a new feature request and I think it'll be great to add it, because we are facing a lot of issues regarding the IPV6. I'm going to explain why I need the IPV6 (if its enabled). Basically I have a TeamSpeak User Control Panel (Add games, etc), and my way to know who's the client accessing the website. Is getting the IP from the website it self. then comparing it in the TeamSpeak server client prop (connection_client_ip i think). Imagine if the IP from the website was IPV6. how can I compare it with the TeamSpeak server programmatically so I can find the client. Hopefully you understand me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sincerely, Raymond.

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    Sorry but i don't get what problem you have with IPv6? You explain why you need it but not what problems you have.
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