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    Red face ServerGroups and Icons - Hundreds of them

    Hello everyone,

    In 2014, (a very long time ago)

    I talk about server groups and icons. (

    In 2019,
    Few years passed,
    I have currently 655 server groups.
    Less than 20 groups giving a set of permissions (like member, captain, manager, board member, ...)
    Less than 50 groups giving a defined permission (like no poke, no server mess, no whisp, force push-to-talk, ...)
    More than 500 groups giving a position like branch of staff, position in staff, game or team to which he belongs, position in it. They are only used to visually identify a person.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	visually_identify.png 
Views:	173 
Size:	91.9 KB 
ID:	18128

    Maybe for you it's too much because you see a lot of server where have 6-10 icons is normal ?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	crazy_icons.png 
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Size:	27.9 KB 
ID:	18126

    Not in my server.
    To be more specific,
    we introduced rules to managed groups of everyone.

    Yes it's a lot of server groups, but they're helpful

    On the screen below, I regroup few people to made you exemples :
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	example.png 
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Size:	15.3 KB 
ID:	18125

    You can see 5 columns.
    First for fun, second for branch of staff, third for position in staff, fifth for game or team to which he belongs and fourth for position in it.

    So for example,
    Myself, the second line,

    I'm a murlock (1), private joke.
    I'm in the board member of the association (2), i'm in charge of development and servers (3).
    I'm a CSGO (5) player (currently) and my in-game role (4).

    And when you have more than 10 members in your TS, you need the associated quantity of server groups :
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	groups_by_column.png 
Views:	269 
Size:	575.2 KB 
ID:	18124

    Years ago, I have that kind of comment :
    '458 groups, are you kidding me?'
    '458 groups are completely oversized, but even if you only have about 70 server groups - like me'
    'this is exaggerated to have that many groups.'

    I'm sorry for those guys, but I'm not kidding, I'm not exaggerated.
    We used Teamspeak for years, and we used that tool because it's the most complete tool.
    Like everyone, I try TS2, Skype (joke), Mumble, Voice, Ventrilo, Discord...
    They don't reach you at the ankle.

    And this is what it look like when you have a lot of icons :
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	icons_manager.png 
Views:	368 
Size:	252.5 KB 
ID:	18127

    What I wish ?
    Just a few improvements so that the administrators of servers, which may not have as much rigor or patience as me to create a Teamspeak up to their expectations, can more easily create large servers.

    During all these years, hundreds or even thousands of people have passed through our association and therefore by our Teamspeak. Why ? Because these are the premises, the walls, the ceiling and the floor of our association.
    We are a national association and to physically group people together, we chose the physical contact of the headset on the ears.

    And when I ask you for improvements, I confirm that I will continue to make comments to improve the best tool.

    Kinds Regards,

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    Same problems here.

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