Hello. I have a problem with server software because there are two types of problems. The described things happen only on a regular user account without special rights.

The first case is that after two days of putting the server software, the file itself suddenly lost some permissions, that he could not do my orders. The file that has lost permissions is ts3server_runscript.sh.

At the moment I typed "sh ts3server_runscript.sh stop" I received a reply message: "./ts3server_runscript: 65: Permission Denied".

The second strange problem is that even when the command is executed, eg "sh ts3server_runscript.sh start", a message is shown that the server has been started, but as a result it ends with the fact that a log file is generated in which there is information about listening and immediately after it information about server stop (screen log in the attachment).

My questions are:

- Why does the "ts3server_runscript.sh" file change its permissions?
- Why when the script tries to start the server and suddenly it kills it, it does not also delete the "ts3.server.pid" file?
- How do you make everything work normally on your regular user profile?

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