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    Can only receive audion using Bluetooth

    I recently updated my home TeamSpeak 3 server to 3.9.1 on Linux. I was using my android phone, a Galaxy S7 Edge, to test. It works find except I can only receive audio using Bluetooth headset. Yep, audio volume was turned up, all streams.

    Prior to this upgrade I was on 3.3.1 for Linux and all worked fine.

    I can always use my headset, just wanted to let someone know. Oh my Android version is 8.0.0

    John Bearclaw

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    Yes, a really old bug or missing feature.

    Still waiting for an update so I can use teamspeak with my intercom. Meanwhile, I'll go discord :/

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    I use without any problems on the smartphone. This is a problem for you, not TS

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    I agree @TheRealBix very old issue and same on my side. If i using the latest TS3 client from GoogleStore on my Smartphone, i cant get Bluetooth connect to handsfree.
    Trying different settings but nothing happens.
    There are so many people reporting that issue, but it seems that Teamspeak "ignore" or cant find the issue.

    In the meantime, until this problem is fixed, I stay with the Client Version - 04-09-2017 because there i do not have the Bluetooth issue.
    If my TS Server will be upgraded to the latest Version, then all is over because this Client is NOT WORKING with the latest TS Server Version.

    Hopefully Teamspeak will fix that issue in the future because other Apps and older Versions of the TS3 Client App do NOT have this issue on the same System.

    Let us stay tuned and see what will happend, but I do not fear much.

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