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    Can only receive audion using Bluetooth

    I recently updated my home TeamSpeak 3 server to 3.9.1 on Linux. I was using my android phone, a Galaxy S7 Edge, to test. It works find except I can only receive audio using Bluetooth headset. Yep, audio volume was turned up, all streams.

    Prior to this upgrade I was on 3.3.1 for Linux and all worked fine.

    I can always use my headset, just wanted to let someone know. Oh my Android version is 8.0.0

    John Bearclaw

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    Yes, a really old bug or missing feature.

    Still waiting for an update so I can use teamspeak with my intercom. Meanwhile, I'll go discord :/

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    I use without any problems on the smartphone. This is a problem for you, not TS

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