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    Teamspeak Crashing on Connect due to Subscriptions

    As the title says, my Teamspeak will crash when I connect to a specific server when I connect. This happened on what I will call server 1 randomly, just crashed randomly while I was on it. So I eventually automatically unsubscribed to all channels, and I connected, it was fine. The next day or so I connected, and it didn't crash when I joined (I was subscribed again with no issues). I was hanging out on Server #2 my TeamSpeak randomly crashed, so I reconnected, crashed again, assumed it was the same issue, and it was. Unsubscribed to all channels, and it fixed it. I don't know how to reproduce this issue, and I don't know what causes it.

    OS: Windows 10
    TeamSpeak x64 (latest version)

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    I had a couple of weeks ago the same issue probably. I know that other people were on the server and I was not able to join the one specific server but was able to join some others without any problems. The one server just made my client crash everytime I tried to join. The next day everything was alright again. Also I was able to join the server through yatqa and 3 other servers just worked fine as well with all tries. I wasn't able to reproduce it but somehow I assume there is an issue with something from the Win10 side. Since it just didn't happen anymore I also didn't read the logs.... sry for that but maybe somebody else can confirm that here.

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    It is new client version issue. I got the same problem on every single server, even if switch from 1 server to another one my client hangs and I have to wait. I use windows 7.

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