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    Server Admin Permissions Glitched(?) On My Server??

    When I am in the Lobby (Home, Default channel) I can modify permissions on people. When I leave the Lobby, I cannot change client permissions (it doesn't matter where the target client is located).

    As ServerAdmin I cannot even change my own permissions when my client is out of the Lobby area.

    I have compared all of my server group permissions with an identically setup Linux version of the server and I don't have any problems on that one.

    Other ServerAdmin clients are not having this problem.

    Is my server glitched somehow? Am I missing something?

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    I seem to have locked down the problem and it does seem to be a glitch.

    I had modified my own CLIENT PERMISSIONS. The modifications that seem to be affecting me are the Group->Modify->Group Member Add Power (and Group Member Remove Power). When I activate them (with a power of 75), then the Server Groups become greyed out (depending on the "Add" or "Remove" situation).

    I did the same thing on the Linux server and it didn't have this effect of greying out the Server Group choices when you right click on a client.

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    I miss some information but somehow I assume you have messed up with a higherr tier permission against your servergroup (Tier 1) permission - or you used the Grant Permission. I can't say yet either I am too tired rn or I just can't see enough information for this.
    Start at: Is the skip flag enabled for the Admin servergroup? How did you compare your permissions? Did you check all channelgroup permissions, client permissions and channel client permissions as well?
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    Thanks for the reply lightpsycho.

    The "Skip flag" is enabled.

    It is a new server install and I copied all the server group settings from a linux server of the same version (3.9.1). Outside of the server group settings (on both servers), the only setting that was changed was Client Permission mentioned above. It was changed on both the Windows and Linux servers for the same client (my main computer, that is not running the server).

    Something else that I noticed was that when I made a lower level Admin group with lower permission levels (exactly the same as on the linux server), on the Windows server the lower Admins could alter my Server Admin setting - removing it and replacing it. While on the linux server this cannot be done.

    Since this is a new install, I will try removing the Windows server and then reinstalling it. I will copy the settings again to see what happens. Perhaps I played with something on accident on I just can't find it? I will keep you informed.

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    I deleted the Windows server and then reinstalled it. The same thing happens. When I am in the original install default channel as Server Admin, I can change other client server groups. When I switch to a created channel, the Server Group options on the right-click menu become greyed out (IF the CLIENT permissions have been changed as above in the first post).

    I copied the linux server permissions exactly and this doesn't happen on that server with the CLIENT permissions changed.

    UPDATE EDIT: I installed the Windows server version 3.8.0. to see if it was just the current version that had this issue. 3.8.0 also does the same thing. In this case, all I did was install the server, change my own CLIENT permissions as stated in the first post, and if my client is in the original Default Channel I can change another user's Group Permissions with a right click. When I create a new permanent channel and move into it, the right click Group Permissions become greyed out as in 3.9.1. EVERY other setting was left alone.

    FYI, this is 64-bit server. (Edit: It also happened with the Windows 32 bit server too).

    Here is a picture of it happening in version 3.9.1:
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    I was able to reproduce this glitch in the Windows server version. Can someone else please try to recreate it? It might just be my client that is screwed up and not the server.

    As the Server Admin, change your own CLIENT settings. Here is my quote from above:

    I had modified my own CLIENT PERMISSIONS. The modifications that seem to be affecting me are the Group->Modify->Group Member Add Power (and Group Member Remove Power). When I activate them (with a power of 75), then the Server Groups become greyed out (depending on the "Add" or "Remove" situation).
    So change your CLIENT permissions and then make sure you are not in the Default Channel (my SERVER permissions would oddly be fine there). Try to change another client's permissions (or even your own!). They are greyed out for me. Even with a new server, I can't even select things like "Normal."

    This is an important problem since some server owners like to give their own CLIENT these permissions to make sure a rogue admin can't take away their permissions from them on their own server.

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    I still think a channel group overwrites your permissions.
    Have you tried removing the Channel Admin group in the "Working but Online" channel?

    You repeated that it doesn't work as Server admin but on your Screenshot your are in a custom group? That's why i think your group may miss permissions or flags.
    Could you please show a permissions overview from your own client when you are in the lobby and when you are in the working channel???
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