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    Server Query notify notifyclientmoved bugs out

    Dear TeamSpeak Team,

    I have a question if this behaviour is normal. I have a server with 169 channels in total. I want to monitor move abuse by utilizing notifyclientmoved but here comes the problem. When I subscribe to all of 169 the only channel that triggers this event is the first one that has been subscribed to. Could this be somehow fixed or resolved?


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    Have you checked this isn't a problem with the query language class you are using? Some third-party classes out there may be outdated and so may therefore not work.

    You have not provided any logs, information about the server version, sample code etc. so if you expect everyone here to magic things out of mid air, then am afraid you may never see an answer that actually helps.

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    Running server on Linux v3.9.1. I am using And the snipped of my code:
    Ts3Instance is a instance of a class QueryRunner. Logged in as a serveradmin.
    I also tried this manually (like 10 first channels and to my surprise worked only first 2)

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    Do not try to build query apps without reading through Stuff is available in German only because those are my personal (but for some reason public) notes on things that should be documented by TeamSpeak. Most important information for you:
    - You can only have one channel subscribtion.
    - You can subscribe to all channels by subscribing to 0.
    But you should read through all the documents over there.

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    Thank you so much. It solved the problem. Enjoy your + rep

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