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    Set Security to 23, Deleted, Antivirus making problems


    I downloaded because a bud asked me to so we could chat with his other group, and it's caused all sorts of problems for me especially after increasing security to 23, whatever that means. I've deleted the program, but the problem still persists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingeel View Post
    and it's caused all sorts of problems .........
    ......... deleted the program, but the problem still persists.
    And what problems are you talking about?

    No idea what increasing the security level should have to do with any Antivirus software. And in case it is a false positive.
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    The Security Level is not a problem. Increasing the Security Level is simply the search for a simple whole number. You take a certain part of your identity ("omega") and add that number behind that. Then you hash it (SHA-1). The number of leading zeroes in the result is called Security Level.

    My omega is this:
    I'm testing the following number:
    So I hash:
    That gives:
    00000000 00000000 00000000 00010000 10000010 00101111 00111110 10001111 and so on...
    28 leading zeroes (counting blocks from the front and inside each block from the back) => Security Level 28.

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