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    Syncronized But Not Getting Permissions on Server

    I am trying to get my phone ts3 app permissions on a teamspeak server, but having difficulties doing so as using the same account as my PC on the teamspeak account that it should be synchronized and it says it is. But do not get the same permissions as I do on the PC.

    Already talked to tech ops that run the server and it works exactly the same way they told me to do it for them, but not me. So I am here asking for some assistance of why I am having this issue.

    PC: Windows 10 Pro, $3000 build
    Phone: LG V40 ThinQ

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    Can you provide a screenshot of your PC client while you have the identities open? Only the left side where your identity name is is necessary and you can blur out everything that's not from the UI.
    Or simply open the app on your phone and click on the identities button in the top right and provide a screenshot (again you can blur out your names). If there is only a local tab and not a synchronized tab you are not syncing your identities.

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