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    Lightbulb Server feature: Images proxy (to limit iplogger usage)


    For some years now I have been forced to remove the permission to edit the description of their channels to users of my TeamSpeak server.
    One reason: it makes it too easy to use an iplogger, just put the link of the logger in a tag [ IMG ] and you get the IP of all the personne who click on your channel.
    Of course, you can also send the iplogger link as a message or poke, but an informed user can easily detect the suspicious link and abort. While with an image you have no choice and you get fucked every time!
    Moderators are often the first targeted by that and then are DDOSed (evil users can simply put an incorrect name to their channels and when the moderator click on it to remove the channel it trigger the iplogger image).

    A solution to prevent that would be to allow the servers to specify an image proxy!
    So all images would be transmitted via proxy which would avoid this problem (and would even allow to filter the max size etc).

    eg. if I set my proxy to "{{ENCODED_URL}}" then [ IMG ][ /IMG ] will use the url:

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    Why not use the integrated file browser and upload the images there and put them into the description via ts3image url? Could allow channel admins to use the file browser of the specific channel in order to do that.

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    Evil users will still use the old behavior since we can't force them to use the ts3image url in [ IMG ].

    And a bot (using server query) to filter the description content is also not an option since it's not immediate and some user will have the time to see original content before it was filtered.


    Another solution would be to an a permission to disallow images in channels descriptions (

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    Then you should think about removing the permissions from your evil users for now.

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