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    TS3 kick all client, but running

    Hello everyone,,
    my ts server kicks every 5-60min all clients!
    The Prozess is running, but nobody can connect!mobdro lucky patcher kodi

    After stop and start is works again...?!?!

    My system ist a Vserver on Debian Linux 6.0, 64bit
    32 slots
    ts3 version

    Can anybody help me....?
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    First of all you should update your server to 3.9.1 and your client to 3.3.2. Then check if the problem still occurs, I canīt even remember when I last heard or are you talking about 3.6.1?
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    We need some more logs & protocols.

    You can find the logs in the server directory under "logs"
    You can find the server protocol in your client (Tools -> Server Logs)

    Ps. update your teamspeak server for the best reasons

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    There ca be some maintenece somewhere along the route to your server users dropping the connection may share same line/ISP in which case there is nothing you can do, to confirm you can ask your users to ping and tracert your host.

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