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    High cpu load with oculus rift headset

    I have found that if I use the default sound from the headset on my oculus rift CV1, then when I use TS the cpu performance drops radically. I tested with an old usb sound card and a headset and the issue is resolved. It seems TS does not like working with the oculus headset. The load is such as it creates frame drops , lag and more or less unusability. So either I stop using TS or get a new soundcard and headphones. Neither is what I like.

    Is there a solution to get TS to work with the oculus audio?

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    After finding this thread below and doing some tests it’s clear to me its not the VR set and TS but AMD/TS that is the issue here.

    Not sure who is to blame for this though, just hope there is a fix soon.

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