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    Unknown connectivity issues

    So. im experiencing some problems running my teamspeak server, i figured i would start with diagnosing the teamspeak

    Teamspeak Server Version : 3.9.1

    Server Info Windows Server 2012R2 64 Bit - fully up-to-date

    Windows Firewall and Defender turned off.. but it is behind a hardware firewall with proper port forwarding setup.

    Im starting with diagnosing teamspeak server, because i notice other connectivity issues, however they are with Virtual Machines, with additional routing, and the Teamspeak server, runs on the main/root physical machine, on the Windows 2012 server OS...

    So, after a while i have to restart this server, and teamspeak will reconnect and work fine for an amount of time and randomly it will start to have connection issues. I have attached a screenshot with a TS Client, and WireShark showing incoming UDP packets, as well, it shows a connection/disconnection and the problem persisting...

    I would like to find out and understand what may be causing this... to me the packets are arriving at their destination and should be responded too...
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