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    Exclamation Server dropping Clients every 1-3hours. [GER/ENG]

    Hello TeamSpeak Forum,

    i need help with my teamspeak server.
    A while ago my teamspeak server started to drop all online clients,
    after dropping the clients nobody can connect until restarting the linux server.
    The confusing thing is, when the clients got dropped i still can watch the teamspeak
    from my Live Viewer and my bots from the same sever stay connected too.
    It happens about every 1-3h everyday the last few days.
    I attached my log from today.

    Note: I the error message with the missing icon is not related to that.
    and no, its not a ddos attack. My server is ddos protected.

    I have seen this problem in several threads already.
    If someone has already solved the problem, I would very appreciate some help,
    thank you!

    Sorry if my the english is not perfect.

    Linux Debian 9 - 64bit
    8 GB Ram
    8.42 / 50 GB Disk Usage
    ~25% CPU Usage

    King Regards
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