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    Icon id to icon file name

    I would like to make application downloading icons from my Teamspeak Server and give them name as the group(if they are assigned to one)has.
    Problem is i can get from query call id of icon, for example : -837240460 but in teamspeak files it's icon_1915974123. So i would like to know the schema for <0 icons and their id's(I guess bcs of the 50 >0 icons id's which have icon_id and id equal and they are same icon the problem is only in <0 icon id and icon name in files)

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    The icon ID is a 32-bit unsigned integer, but the server does use 32Bit signed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senpai_Mizu View Post
    The icon ID is a 32-bit unsigned integer, but the server does use 32Bit signed.
    Thank you, that solved my problem

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