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    Looking for plugin to move muted users

    HELLO! Im looking for plugin/script which will let me push all MUTED users to channel ( smth like i click on channel by right click and "push here all muted clients" or smth simillar

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    you can use JTS3Servermod as a bot in the background checking for muted users and doing it without you always being used to click on things.
    I am not sure rn if it can do the move on mic mute or only on full sound mute tbh (never used it for own reasons) but afaik it should work. Sadly not a plug-in for you but something working in the background.
    Maybe you can or want to use a bot for this

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    i cant use this still looking for help

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    Solved Plugin to move all muted clients

    I have created a plugin for you that will move all INPUT_MUTED clients, if you also want the OUTPUT_MUTED clients to be moved, let me know


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