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    Portforwarding configuration

    hello guys
    i hope this question was not answered already, but basically
    i would like to understand how does teamspeak client know, which port will be for file transfer and for server query ?

    for example, i will run 2 teamspeak3 servers in docker on one machine, so the second ts3 server will be on different ports in NAT, but same inside.. how does the client will know its different?

    docker run -d -p 9988:9987/udp -p 10012:10011 -p 30034:30033 ...
    if i will run the second server this way, the ts3 server will think the ports are default..


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    Server tells clients which ports it have configured.
    Fix it in server configuration, and map ports properly, it will work.

    That aside, you are likely to get your servers blacklisted, if you are using this technique to evade licensing restrictions.

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