Good afternoon.

I am working on a client project which integrates the Teamspeak UE4 SDK Plugin.

During development we have using the TeamSpeak test server which came with the SDK, however now we are close to release I cannot get the application to connect to an actual Teamspeak server setup from the server downloads page. This is required as the test server does not come with a valid license for commercial use.

Unfortunately the developer who originally implemented the plugin has since left the company and I am trying to debug internal connection procedure.

I am simply running the server out of the box and I can connect using the standard Teamspeak 3 client. I am not sure if I am missing any other required setup on the server itself.

Also any information that could be provided with the correct licensing procedure will be greatly appreciated.

As I am new to working with the Teamspeak SDK, please don't hessitate to explain any suggestions like I am a beginner.

Relevent Information:
UE4 Version: 4.20.3
TeamSpeak Plugin Version: TeamSpeak SDK 1.3
Server Target System: Windows Server 2012 64 bit
Client Target System: Windows 10 32 bit

Many thanks in advance.