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    Unloading the plugin programatically?


    Can I somehow unload my plugin programmatically? I'm trying to write an auto-update for my plugin, but i can't install it, since the old .dll is still referenced by TeamSpeak.

    I'm trying to call ShellExecute(0, 0, "myplugin.ts3_plugin", 0, 0, SW_SHOW); after downloading the new package.
    If I could unload my plugin right after this, my problem would be solved.

    Maybe there is some more cultured way to update a plugin, that i'm now aware of?


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    Quick suggestion, maybe not the best, but I assume your plugin (and not an external application) checks for the updates.
    Maybe a popup that says "Version X of my_new_plugin is available, do you want to update?"
    Then, when they press OK, you close TS and start a new process (an executable that is delivered with your plugin) that waits for TS to close,
    then updates the plugin, and starts TS again.
    This way you also might get around using the registry (I assume the TS directory has a registry entry?) or some other way of
    identifying the directory TS is installed in, as you can just pass the current path to the executable as argument.

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    Put it on myTS. The client itself auto updates the plugins.

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    You have to check in the plugin if there is an update then just in ts3plugin_init event return 1 and you can move or delete the file but the problem here is the user must take the latest version otherwise the plugin will not work.

    int ts3plugin_init() {
           return 1;
        return 0;
    Alternatively, you can create a batch file that first closes the client and then replaces the plugin and restarts the client

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