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    Problem Black Screen with message

    Hello, it will be a week that I have a problem, I explain. I play on different server arma 3 that use Tast Force Radio, the problem is that it switch me normally, I can talk, I wait for the person who speaks to me but I have a black screen with "You must be on our teampeak tab to be able to play gold I'm fine on it "I specify, I uninstall teampeak and Task Force Radio and reinstall. And I still have the problem. Could someone help me?
    thank you in advance

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    Looks like you get that black screen in Arma 3 itself because of the server checking something with a custom made script. Has nothing to do with TeamSpeak. Maybe you use a specific TFR version (from my experience a lot of Arma 3 TFR servers do that) or their script is not working correctly, more like the part where it checks on their TeamSpeak server if you are connected. Did you link your TeamSpeak UUID with their server? If not then itīs no wonder that their server canīt find you on their own TeamSpeak server. For support related to that problem you should contact the operators of that Arma 3 server. Nothing we can do here.

    PS: TFR + A3 is 3rd party and not from TeamSpeak. I used to play that a lot and the problems always occured on the A3 server and had to be fixed there. Also you need to be on their specified TeamSpeak server to you use TFR on their A3 server, it wonīt work on another TeamSpeak server.

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