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    Problems getting the current Server IP

    I am trying to get the current server IP with the following code from the SDK but it only works on some servers.

    ts3Functions.requestServerVariables(serverConnecti onHandlerID);
    ts3Functions.getServerVariableAsString(serverConne ctionHandlerID, VIRTUALSERVER_IP, &ip);

    Getting the current Serverport works on all servers but not the IP :/ am I using the wrong functions? Would be nice if someone could tell me how to retrieve the server IP.


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    What exactly are you getting when it doesn't work on a server?
    Are you getting just straight up an error code, or does it return something you don't expect, like a domain or a nickname?

    If you get a domain, maybe try doing some nslookup (or something like that) in your code.

    I haven't checked this, but I think I recall some keys like VIRTUALSERVER_CONNECTION_IP parameter or something. Maybe try those.

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    IP+Port of the currently selected server
    ts3Functions.getConnectionVariableAsString(serverC onnectionHandlerID, myid, CONNECTION_SERVER_IP, &ip);
    ts3Functions.getServerVariableAsInt(serverConnecti onHandlerID, VIRTUALSERVER_PORT, &port);
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